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Speakeasy Agency is an exclusive creative agency located in Chico, CA. We offer creative and ad agency services to clients everywhere. Our full range of services include video production, graphic design, audio recording, commercial film making, marketing, branding and traditional advertising.

Welcome to the Speakeasy Blog...an introduction.

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are the Speakeasy Agency.
 This is our blog.

The Blog

All Speakeasy Blog posts may or may not be hand-drafted on this 1930's Remington Typewriter.

The Speakeasy Blog is the home to a wide range of content. Our goal is to provide our readers with insights in the creative world; offer great tips-and-tricks for those interested in video production, graphic design and marketing; and to showcase some behind-the-scenes looks at our clients and the work we do.

We hope you find the blog to be informative, entertaining and relevant. We love feedback on all that we do, please contact us using the form on this page and let us know what you love and don't love.


The Agency

Running a high-end creative agency in Chico, CA has it's perks. We have the opportunity to do the kind of work you would normally find in Sacramento or San Francisco, but we get to live and work in a vibrant small community like Chico. The biggest perk is that our clients (which range from small mom-and-pops to enterprise level businesses) have access to high-end creative work from a local business.

The partners at Speakeasy Agency have been working in northern California advertising, marketing, design and production scene for a long time. The Speakeasy Agency may look new, but the reality is that we have been doing this work and building a solid reputation for years. The name is new, but the relationships are tempered and time-tested.

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.
— Albert Einstein

The thing that makes our relationship with our clients remarkable is what we call the "hang factor". Simply put, our clients like us. We avoid all of the marketing jargon and consultant speak and simple "speak easy" with our clients. No one wants to be fooled by some fancy advertising term, they want straight-forward answers to their questions. That is what we do.

Connection is at the cornerstone of all we do.  The connections to our affiliates allow innovation.  The connections to our clients enable us to endure. And the connection of our work to the needs of our client make us remarkable.



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