Speakeasy Agency

Speakeasy Agency is an exclusive creative agency located in Chico, CA. We offer creative and ad agency services to clients everywhere. Our full range of services include video production, graphic design, audio recording, commercial film making, marketing, branding and traditional advertising.

Our Approach

We approach creative work differently than many other agencies. ( luckily for you.) We call it creative connectivity.

From concept to delivery, we blend individually patterned ideas from a diversity of sectors and disciplines to create distinctive solutions: film, animation, branding, graphic design, illustration, 3D graphics, art direction, sound design, fashion, exhibitions, architecture and interiors.

Operating a networked business, we hand pick the best talent for each project, with individuals contributing their own unique skillset to the creative process. Our tried and tested method of working seamlessly across disciplines, cultures and mediums intrigues clients, who trust us to deliver time and again.


Our office

The Speakeasy Agency is located on the upper floor of the historic Parker Building in Downtown Chico. The Parker Building was built in 1930, during the height of the speakeasy culture. While our office was never a speakeasy (that we officially know of), it does have a storied past of former occupants. The space is perfect for inspiring creativity, and spending late nights bringing ideas into action.


Speakeasy Agency
125 W 3rd Street
Suite 250
Chico, CA 95928


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