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Speakeasy Agency is an exclusive creative agency located in Chico, CA. We offer creative and ad agency services to clients everywhere. Our full range of services include video production, graphic design, audio recording, commercial film making, marketing, branding and traditional advertising.

The Partners

photo of partner bruce coykendall

Bruce Coykendall

Producer / Director  & autocrat of audio.

BA Music, Recording Arts CSU Chico

The nice guy. People like Bruce and Bruce likes people. He's been making people feel comfortable in front of cameras and behind microphones for over 25 years.  He coined the term "hang factor", a special trait that makes people genuinely comfortable and like to be around you. When he's not playing golf, he's probably walking his dog Sophie...or he's playing golf. 

Bruce grew up in Tahoe, and remains our executive in charge of recreation. After college Bruce was the engineer for Cloud 9 Recording Studios in Chico, CA. He quickly realized that audio was half of video and made the leap to production in an ad agency. His relationship with Christian through their work in a design firm, followed by meeting Steve in the broadcast world, became the connections that would someday lead to the formation of Speakeasy Agency. Also an Emmy® Award winner, Bruce has been in on ground-breaking projects for various healthcare organizations, financial institutions, universities and the State of California - just to name a few.

photo of partner christian burke

Christian Burke

Multi tool & erstwhile pixel pusher. 

BA Communications, Graphic Design CSU Chico

Army of one. Multi-medium, over-caffeinated creative with 20+ years of experience bending pixels into delightful shapes for financial titans, political machines, shampoo magnates, non-profits, family members and elementary school fund raisers. Besides living in Chico he loves al pastor tacos, playing music and the family pug.

For more than a decade, Christian has led the Creative Services endeavors for multitude of clients, helping them build their brand, tell their story, and grow their businesses along the way. Christian's work has earned compliments, executive fist bumps and the occasional professional recognition for excellence, including gold and silver ADDY Awards from The Sacramento Ad Club and a bronze Digital Signage Association Crown Award.

photo of agency partner jessica

Jessica Freitas

Media Placement, Client Relations & Event Management

BA Journalism (Public Relations)

The Rest of the Team

We are connectors.
We've spent years finding the best-of-the-best to partner with on numerous projects.
Our network is diverse and filled with talented individuals and companies.
They enable us to provide scalable solutions for any endeavor.


Jason Andrew

Photographer, Video, Zoetrope, Genius, Omniscient

photo of thomas

Thomas Thackery

Web Design, Idea Spackle, Linguist

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